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Okay, get this - everything here - is about me, what I'm feeling and thinking at the time I write it. I may not always be right, but if I wrote it here, it was heavy on my mind and well, there you go! So - because I'm 47, -(4 years later - 51)- growing, changing, living, learning, I may look back a year or two from now and feel differently about what I wrote, so - if I make it to the big time, end up on a talk show, Oprah's or Larry King, don't be pulling from this blog, because I'm going through menopause right now, ain't no telling what I might say, okay? Cool... ciao!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Endocrinologist: The NEW Dr. Frankenstein's

Dr. Frankenstein's monsters are cropping up everywhere...

This blog has been a long time coming. It's been on my mind for the last two years and for good reason. I had all of these issues surrounding why not to write it ... but now... those reasons no longer matter to me. 
Hope - Joy - Love
First, you must forgive where in reading this you might find that I may slip into rambling my thoughts. While I have planned what I will express - there are times when, I simply write what I'm thinking the moment I'm doing so. Thus, should you stop at some point and scratch your head, thinking, "Huh? What?" Yeah, you more than likely read one of those ramblings. See, already I digress.

Anyway - back to the Endo-crimes... simply put, having the power to destroy lives with a building rep for doing just that - should be treated like a crime. The "Elite" society of endocrine physicians - far too many I fear - have committed acts upon their patients without fully understanding the complete complications and fall-out of their "procedures" and the effects it would have on multiple families.

Some didn't know... and too many simply do not care. (Experienced first hand) Why would they care, after all - they are "practicing" medicine. Practicing... (defined as - repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it. "it must have taken a lot of practice to become so fluent" ---- destroying LIVES!" to further define
 - and at the end of the day - they don't have to LIVE with it!
Yes, it is true a blanket should never be placed over any entire group, clan, race, culture or "practice" so I will say this only once... I know that it is not the entire fraternity of endocrines... but it is... too many. I need someone to tell me how... they can take the list of hormones below - destroy the manufacturer of them... mainly the THYROID... and replace those many hormones with an artificial man-made replacement called "Levothyroxine" -(UK)- Synthroid -(USA)- which produces an inferior quality of T4 - which is supposed to replace all of the below listed!

===== Hormone list (not all) & their importance ======
====You may wish to skip over this list and come back to it later.====

Melatonin – Think of melatonin as your biological clock. This hormone is responsible for the way you feel throughout the day as far as alertness is concerned. All those drowsy feelings? Blame the melatonin.
Serotonin – This is the one you can blame for PMS and your moody teenager. Serotonin controls your mood, appetite, and your sleep cycles.
Thyroxin – A form of thyroid hormone, thyroxin increases the rate of your metabolism and also affects protein synthesis, which is the process that cells go through to build protein.
Epinephrine – This is one that you have most likely heard of; it’s also called adrenaline. Among a whole list of other things, epinephrine is responsible for what is known as the, "fight or flight" response. This is the hormone that tells you when to fight and when it’s best to run. Some of the bodily responses demonstrated when this hormone kicks in are dilated pupils, increased heart rate, and tensing of the muscles.
Norepinephrine – Also called noradrenaline, this hormone controls the heart and blood pressure. Norepinephrine also contributes to the control of sleep, arousal, and emotions. Obvious effects take place when there is too much or too little of this hormone. Too much gives you an anxious feeling while too little can leave you feeling depressed or sedated.
Dopamine – This controls the heart rate and also assists in perception; deciphering what is real and what is not.
Antimullerian Hormone – An inhibitor for the release of prolactin, the protein responsible mainly for lactation.
Adiponectin – This is a protein hormone, it regulates metabolic processes such as the regulation of glucose.
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone – This assists in synthesizing corticosteroids, which are responsible for stress response, blood electrolyte levels, and other physiologic systems.
Angiotensinogen – Responsible for the narrowing of blood vessels; a process known as vasoconstriction.
Antidiuretic Hormone – This hormone is also known by other names, but it is mainly responsible for retaining water within the kidneys.
Atrial Natriuretic Peptide – A peptide hormone secreted by the cells of the heart and other muscles, it’s mostly involved with the control of water, sodium, potassium, and fat within the body.
Calcitonin – Aids in constructing bone and reducing blood calcium.
Cholecystokinin – Aids in the release of digestive enzymes for the pancreas and acts as an appetite suppressant.
Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone – Releases cortisol in response to stress.
Erythropoietin – Stimulates the production of erythrocytes, which are blood cells responsible for delivering oxygen.
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone – Stimulates the follicles within the sex organs of both males and females.
Gastrin – Secretes gastric acid.
Ghrelin – Hunger stimulant as well as aiding in the secretion of the growth hormone.
Glucagon – Helps to increase the blood glucose level.
Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone – As its name clearly implies, this hormone releases the growth hormone.
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – Keeps the immune system from attacking a forming embryo during pregnancy.
Growth Hormone – Helps to stimulate growth and the reproduction of cells.
Insulin – Responsible for several anabolic effects, primarily glucose intake.
Insulin-Like Growth Factor – Has the same effects as insulin while also regulating the growth and development of cells.
Leptin – Slows down the appetite while simultaneously speeding up metabolism.
Luteinizing Hormone – Aids ovulation in women and testosterone production in men.
Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone – Produce melanocytes, which are responsible for the pigment in skin and hair.
Orexin – Increases the appetite while also increasing your alertness and energy levels.
Oxytocin – A hormone that plays a major role in reproduction, it aids in orgasm and is also responsible for the release of breast milk.
Parathyroid Hormone – Among other functions, this hormone is mainly responsible for the activation of Vitamin D.
Prolactin – A major contributor in sexual satisfaction and the production of breast milk.
Secretin – Inhibits gastric acid production.
Aldosterone – Mainly responsible for absorbing sodium in the kidneys to increase the volume of blood within the body.
Testosterone – The major male hormone, testosterone is responsible for sex drive, development of the sex organs, and the changes that take place during puberty.
Androstenedione – Essentially estrogen.
Estradiol – In males, this hormone is responsible for preventing what is basically known as cell death of the germ cells. In females, this hormone is in overdrive. Among other things, estradiol accelerates height and metabolism, maintains the blood vessels and skin, aids in water retention, and even aids in hormone-sensitive cancers.
Progesterone – A major contributor to the body’s support of pregnancy.
Lipotropin – Stimulates the production of pigment by aiding in melanin production.
Brain natriuretic peptide – Aids in reducing blood pressure.
Histamine – A hormone based in the stomach, histamine aids in the secreting of gastric acid.
Endothelin – Controls muscle contractions within the stomach.
Enkephalin – Simply a pain regulator.
These are only examples of some of the hormones within the body; there are more complex hormones whose functions are not easily understood. Our bodies (when in proper working order) function like well-oiled machines, and the hormones are a major part of nearly every process. Clearly, hormones are responsible for much more than angry teens, squeaky voices, and weepy pregnant women. And husbands and wives who have lost control!
=========Back to my blog==========

Endo-crimes Of Dr. Frankenstein
Part of the reason why I see them as ... modern day Dr. Frankensteins - creating more monsters - than they are curing. Destroying lives, marriages, families, men and women - as if they are nothing more than guinea pigs to be "practiced" on... and then tossed aside. I am so bitter, hurt and for the first time in my life - I can honestly say - that I {{ HATE }}. To hate is a horrible thing - but I feel it so strongly that this blog is my attempt to purge this poison from my system. And perhaps afterwards, I can move on.

The Endocrines remind me of the southern poor black, men and women that were experimented on by doctors who gave no care that they were human-beings. Remember the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments? Yeah, exactly so don't tell me that there aren't doctors who are still callous, cold and so scientifically detached that they don't see patients - they see lab rats! My Mississippi born and lived grandparents were afraid of doctors. My grandfather went his entire life without going to one, and when he finally did, he was in his early 80's with cancer through out his body. He found out one week, and was gone within two. I'm sure he did not regret that he never went. Now here it is year 2015 and it's not supposed to be here, right? Not in the USA or UK, right? Well let me tell you, it's not just in third world countries now either. It is in the United States and the UK. If you're poor in the UK and depending on where you live, with NHS - you are a LAB RAT! And how the endocrine feel about their patients there is clearly seen by how many are left to suffer. So many have had their vital and important organ removed and then were ignored concerning their urgently needed so called "hormone replacement".  Often-times one had to BEG for their medicine from the way they were feeling along with their lives falling apart around them.


GOD - the Almighty Creator of all things running correctly - perfectly - did NOT just find the thyroid lying around and decided to use it by fitting it in somewhere. HE knew what HE was doing - and with Him concerning our creation... HE did not PRACTICE on us to see what might happen! He knew! Thus, the vital importance of the thyroid. But mankind, doctors, scientist come along and decide THEY know better! Can you tell that I am BITTER? Yeah... because when they do what they do, they turn beautiful, kind - considerate, loving men and women... into someone completely unrecognizable to their wives, husbands, children, family and friends. This is serious... and it's a crime.
Not exaggerated
It's happening everywhere. Yes, there are people that are just mean - rotten and negative. But this not the case with the condition that develops AFTER the thyroid is destroyed - whether by Radioiodine treatment or surgery - the outcome is still the same. The rest of that persons life is spent trying to fight their way out of the hell they finally find themselves in. Levothyroxine and Synthroid is INFERIOR... It will NEVER replace what the body, organs, heart, brain, emotions NEED. Removing the thyroid literally removes the PERSON within. They become someone else and it is not pretty, nor is it THEIR fault. Depression, insomnia, insecurities, loss of memory, threat of dementia, bouts of weeping is HELL to endure day in and day out. But that is the consequence of trusting your thyroid to those practicing medicine and treatment on you.


They trust that their well-being is in good hands. That they will be seen to, given the proper adjustments in a timely manner that will not cause them suffering. TOO MANY have found out too late, that it simply isn't so. They will from that moment on battle depression, rages, stress, loss of identity, lose hair, gain weight, become diabetic - go from being loving and considerate to being narcissist, in bitter rages, and back down to weeping and needing love, and destroying all who do love them in pursuit for something they will never find. 

Why? Because the Endocrine Dr. Frankenstein's have taken their very soul from them. Their lives. They are literally like the walking dead. And for those that love them - the heart-break, the trauma, the disillusionment and devastation of their lives will never be the same. So many try with all their might to stay - to battle through it because they know - this new person that they DON'T know... is not the person they married, loved, made plans with, built a life with. They KNOW it's the condition. It's what has been done to them. 

I think about the Frankenstein movie where the monster is wondering around trying to find a place to fit in, wanting to be normal, wanting to feel loved. A little girl sees him, does not see the monster, but the gentleness there. Not realizing he is sick. He just wants to be normal - but he can never be normal, because Dr. Frankenstein has created a monster. Meaning no harm, he just wants to love and laugh, and tosses her in the pool and drowns her. There are many husbands and wives and mothers and fathers - who knew the person before - but can't stay with them anymore - because they are not the same. They are drowning in the agony and loss from the mental illness that takes over. The one they loved is now Dr. Frankenstein's monsters... and they will hurt you. Don't mean to. Don't want to. Was never that way before - but everything has changed. 

As a little girl growing up, I was captivated by the scary night movies. All the stories of Frankenstein's monster. Never had I imagined that I would grow up and learn the truth behind this work of masterpiece theatre. That this was actually possible - but it is... oh is it ever. 

I hold the following so called professionals in the same esteem and group. Because, they have the power to destroy people's lives - and they will go on, they will go home, laugh, climb in bed at night and actually go to sleep. As they sleep, while out of sight, out of hearing - left in their wake there is sobbing, screaming, weeping, suicide and despair - victims everywhere because of them.

  1. (Does not sleep - too busy) Fallen Angel - Devil -(Slanderer)- Satan -(resister) of God
  2. Warmongers ie; example - Hitler
  3. Doctors who perform abortions
  4. Endocrinologist
  5. Bankers - ie; Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans - Bilderbergs
  6. Pharmaceutical Companies or Drug Lords - same thing.
In conclusion - IF you do not have Cancer or a Tumor of the thyroid gland, let NO one - a Endocrimal TAKE your very soul. There are loads of alternative treatments that actually WORK to balance you if you are Hyper or Hypo - you can be balanced. Doctors, especially Endocrines are "PRACTICING" medicine for the pharmaceuticals - follow the money trail. 

Please look into acupuncture - Homeotherapists and natural - nature meds FIRST. Because once they take it from you - you cannot get it back. You are on a road of hell where there is NO return from there. YOU will never be the same, and it could cost you everything - including the ones you so dearly love!

Disclaimer: THIS blog fact rant post is NOT for those who NEEDED the procedure done and who have excellent physicians fighting to give them optimum treatment and care. I know there are a FEW good ones out there - PRAY if you need this treatment, that you find one. 

An important BOOK & website! Get it if you are here...
"STOP the Thyroid Madness"

Outreach Groups:
For spouses of Hypothyroid Victims


Friday, October 3, 2014

Saoirse - W.I.P.

It's been a while since I've blogged - mainly because it's something that is hard for me to consistently do, oh do I have a lot on my plate. In any case, there are many who wish to know what I'm doing, what will be done - how and when. So in this blog I'll fill you in. 

Right now, today - my current project is Saoirse. This novel has been on the back burner for some time now. Ever since I learned of the past surrounding the Irish and their struggling through slavery, I was immediately inspired to write this fact-fiction novel. Simply speaking, I kept putting it back and delaying because of Bomaw, the Beauty of Man and Woman. Well, the time has now come for me to head first full into it - and I must say, there was a reason I waited. I needed to be in this place and time, in this state of heart and mind, to give this story justice. 

As many know, all I write is interracial and so it goes without saying, this story will also carry that same theme coming from me. My leading male character is Maxmilian Euan O'Shaunessey. He came from a family well to do, but his anger and resentment toward the English landed him in the hands of the magistrate. And it is there that this story pretty much takes off. 

Dear reader you must prepare yourself - this is a story that will be told in all of it's true stark boldness for the drama and events that took place back then. The following books were used for historical accuracy and my new research - they are referenced below and aided in the detail.
  • White Cargo by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh
  • A New World of Labor by Simon P. Newman
  • The "Redlegs" of Barbados by Jill Sheppard
  • White Servitude and Black Slavery In Barbados, 1627 - 1715 by Hilary McD. Beckles
  • Montserrat: The Emerald Island of the Black Irish - Part 1 or 9... watch them by all means.
There was so much material out there in my research for this novel that began with Mr. James, whom I thank for planting the seed while he did research for something else and he came across this information sharing it with me. The moment he started reading various details of it the story immediately came to life in my mind, as so many other works I've written. Once the spark is ignited it simply takes off from there. Within moments, I knew how the story would begin, what had happened and at what point it would end. On the island of Montserrat. 

I saw the leading lady right from the start, Lil Pheybey and I have depicted her here. By all means, I ask that you keep alert and eagerly await the release of a historical fact-fiction I am as passionate about as I was Princess Ces'alena - the first book of  my Webster Fields Trilogy. When - for Saoirse? I'm looking towards the end of 2014 or around the first of 2015 - in that ball park. I've learned that I must slow down in order to try and catch my typos, grammatical errors and such - no more spitting them out as I once did.

What will follow? Next up is Fancy Free - and after that Bomaw - The Beauty of Man and Woman - Volume 14. And then another from my fancy series, and Rough Diamond - another that was pushed to the back burner. Following that, once more Volume 15 of Bomaw and finally... the very long awaited historical drama that I wanted to write before Princess Ces'alena... Midnight Blue

Once I get that above list out, we shall see what's next to come.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Screening of Belle 2013 - May 13th

5 Strong Stars!

Attended the Colorado Greenwood Village Theater - Showtime 7:30pm

The line began forming at around 5:15. As we were a group of eleven, 2 arrived early and marked the spot - holding it for the rest of us who would show.  

The two hour wait wasn't that bad. I talked to various ones there to get a feel for why they were there? I mean, the few black viewers, mixed couples and their daughters - it was obvious. But we were outnumbered by white and I wanted to hear from them what made them attend this showing - besides having screening passes - ie; free!

The few close by I spoke with stated they were there because they wanted to know this truth about history. They voiced displeasure that this hadn't been taught in school - and verbalized a resentment that history was edited by those who felt the majority would not care, nor care to know - about the contributions made in society by non-whites. Thus, they were there to see, learn and view this world in England that once held in it's history a woman like Dido Elizabeth Belle. A black woman of mixed parentage. An English father and an African slave mother.

Front of Line...
Of course there were those there just for the movie because it was a free screening, and yes - some to critique it. In fact I heard a man explaining to his parents who were older, that the only factual part of the movie was the back story of the Zong case.  (See links below for references) He made it a point of explaining that the story surrounding Dido Elizabeth Belle - was in fact fiction because if one did research on her, there was nothing to be found on her - or where or how her life went.

Can I be brutally honest and say that as I listened to him, watched his body language and manner - it was clear that he had no intention of buying what might have been according to this writers interpretation - (Misan Sagay) - and well - yeah, I resented him for that. Why? Because as I am a writer myself - we spend a great deal of time imagining what might have been based on the circumstances of an event surrounding a character and the outcome of a possible situation. I felt, watching him explain this to his parents, he did not want to grant Dido Elizabeth Belle ANY of the cudos of intellect - logic - passion or input in the decision that lost the insurance claimants the case to be paid for murdering hundreds of human beings. He wanted them to know not to put any emotional value one might feel watching her struggle. I had to look away from that man - because I could feel why he was there - to put down - not give the benefit of the doubt to build up and learn of what may have been her struggle.

Where my group stood
As you can imagine, I pulled all of my senses away from him and brought them back to the reason I was there. To learn what I might from the world of Dido Elizabeth Belle - who was played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw and oh my what a job she did. I was thoroughly drawn into feeling that she was in fact, truly this woman who had walked the halls of Kentwood House in Hampstead, England - not far from London. As I had done research on her years and years ago and recently - I feel that an excellent job was done in stitching together what might been in the middle places where there isn't much on her activities.

In any case, the atmosphere was set to enjoy this movie no matter what I may have conjured from the body language and words of those here and there. As we waited in line - sipping wine - I had Merlot - others had various other drinks, with some people enjoying their pizzas - McDonalds or in our case, Seafood gumbo, and others ribs, and sandwiches - we laughed, talked and enjoyed the wait. Finally the line started to move and we were ready to get in our seats.
Outside lined up..

In we went, moving up somewhat high, and in the center aisle to our rocker, recliner seats. Happily, with most movie screenings  - no up and coming previews of other movies. Fifteen minutes after sitting and all seats were taken, the lights went down and the movie began.

Date - 1769 - there was no messing around, it started out with Capt. Sir John Lindsay searching out the location of where his daughter was being held - with flashes of the woman who cared for her - dressing her. He came in to find her and the look he gave his daughter was priceless - there was a bit of surprise as well pride in his eyes - because she was indeed lovely. I don't know if they did it on purpose but the match up of these two actors was stunning - she could have truly been his daughter. -( Young Dido - played by Lauren Julien-Box )-. He coaxed her to him, speaking with tender kindness and affection and soon took her off with him. I loved the scene of them walking along the docks through numerous ruffians and sailors. He glanced down at his beautiful daughter and the way those around them were eyeing her and his father instincts kicked in as he immediately picked her up protectively into his arms. I couldn't help but smile. His coachmen and others gave him odd looks as well, because she was after all, dark - mixed - a mulatto.

Each scene went immediately into the next, I felt a bit too quickly at first, but they wanted to get on with the story. I simply loved the dialog between Sir John Lindsay and his uncle and aunt when he brought Dido to them. They were so shocked that she was black and tore into him for not letting them know that. But he stood strong holding his daughter's hand as he explained that regardless of her color she was his and he was not ashamed of her. His parting scene when he spoke to her to help her understand why he must leave her there was so tender and touching. He made certain to let her know, that he loved her as he had loved her mother. He was even teary eyed - well played Matthew Goode -( Capt. Sir John Lindsay ).

Aaaaaah - yeah - nice scene.

And the movie went on from there with the two young girls playing and growing rapidly as they passed a tree. I'm not going to give detail by detail but there were many great scenes and an interesting triangle between Dido, Sir Ashford played by James Norton and John Davinier played by Sam Reid. The irony was that Lord Mansfield played by Tom Wilkinson didn't think they'd find a husband of a suitable match for Belle - and she ended up with two men vying for her hand. Whereas their other white niece could not get one suitor, mainly because she had no dowry. So many other little thoughtful scenes and dialog happened, certainly things to make you go hmmm. Well, no one black went hmmm, because we get it, expect it - but those of the white audience for once got to see and perhaps I dare say feel what it must have been like to be black in a society that was determined to mark you as non-worthy without privilege or rights as possible.

The romantic expect of the movie - growing between Dido Belle and John Davinier was well paced, and a pleasure to watch.

The dignity of Belle - seeing a black woman act like a lady - demand that a man be proper and a gentlemen towards her was breathtaking for me. It needs to come BACK - I don't care what century or time period we are in. Men no longer feel the need to be men and respectful because women have given that strength and aspect of beauty and femininity up. These two grew attached, and fell in love with their intellect as well being attracted to one another. It was subtle, gentle, real and a wonder to behold and see on the big screen. By the time it came out - John Davinier was convincingly IN LOVE with her. It was bold, clear, passionate and vibrant and I loved every moment of it. 

The Zong case - with all it's controversial ins and out of that time was the perfect back drop for this movie and I loved that it was something that was really happening at that time period. I feel that Amma Asante and Misan Sagay did an incredible job with this film. There is so much more I could say, but I will end it with saying this... GO and see this movie! Support it! If it should go straight to DVD - buy them like mad, don't just rent it - buy it! Watch it again and again - because I can tell you right now, I will - oh boy will I!

Amazon rates with 5 stars as the highest - oh yeah - FIVE stars! 
Imdb rates up to 10 stars - oh yeah - I'll certainly give it TEN stars!

It will go down as my personal all time favorite movie this year - no doubt about it!

The Zong Case: 

Mercedes Keyes
Home of Quality Interracial Literature
@mercyk - Twitter

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Archer & Lana

What is it? 

An incredible spoof or satire of the spy world in cartoon surrounding the CIA and KGB! Simply put, it's a rip roaring laugh a minute reason to watch a cartoon! Oh my goodness, I love it - I shouldn't I know, but I do. This is what says about it...  

"...At ISIS, an international spy agency, global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other.-"

*Sigh* Yeah... that's pretty much it really, and while they're at it, you cannot help but laugh at the things that happen and the things they say to each other. I must admit, what caught my eye after watching a few episodes is that the primary couple is interracial! And if you know me, you know that's what I write!

Yep, that's them to the left - Sterling Archer (white man) and Lana Kane (black woman)! They are back and forth arguing, loving each other, breaking up - going for other lovers and then back again. Don't forget it's a satire cartoon but a well written one. I first encountered it while living in England - it was on Netflix and I'd watched pretty much all else I was interested in - and I kept seeing Archer and thought - what the heck, I'll give it a go!

Ha! Now, I'm looking to purchase ALL 5 seasons of it to watch over again - yes I will do the rerun because it's that funny! I don't want to like it, but I do - I just dooo! It's adult humor so the kids need to be in bed when you give it ago. Bad language and sexually explicit scenes - but not so much and so bad you can't stand to watch it. *I'm blushing* But I can't help liking it - simply speaking it's my kind of humor on my off days! Oh man the times I've laughed out loud with Sterling Archer going on and on and being stupid, as well brave, crazy - arrogant and full of himself and you won't help but love every moment of it.

Then there is Lana Kane who pretends that she doesn't give two figs for him when all along she's longing and loving him - but she's too much of a tough lady to show it. There are other characters whom I go back and forth from liking to hating and wishing they would go away, LMBO - but they are filler and at times necessary.

Since I've watched all 5 seasons I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet - but it's always enjoyable - well - season 3 was iffy - I wasn't too keen on it, it was shall we say, just kind'ah so-so - if I rated season 3 I would give it 3 stars out of 5 - but the other seasons, 5 for sure - especially the way that season 5 went.

Here's a youtube's best clip scenes...

It stars the following characters from top to bottom - my favorites I put in their photos at the top!

H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer
Aisha Tyler as Lana Kana  

Jessica Walter as Malory Archer
Rest of the cast....

Chris Parnell as the voice of Cyril Figgis
Amber Nash as the voice of Pam Poovey
Judy Greer as the voice of Cheryl Tunt
Adam Reed as the voice of Ray Gillette
Lucky Yates as the voice of Doctor Kriger

If you haven't started watching it yet - then hit it on Netflix and once you're caught up, it's on FX - but it's now concluding the 5th season! Here's to hoping it'll be back for a 6th!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Second Life - yes - I said - Second LIFE - come on in sometime!

My Avatar
Let me begin by saying, this is my third venture into Second Life. I know you've heard of it. Perhaps seen it - maybe even gave it a try. I heard about it a few years ago when it was in the early stages - it's far better now than it used to be. Back then, when you joined THEY gave you your name. Now, you pick your own. 

Anyway - back then, I went in - played around a bit and then left. That was it for quite some time, I wasn't in that place in life where I needed it nor was there room for it. I returned a few years later with my husband. We actually had some good times in there together - spent a few nights exploring just to see all there was to see and let me tell you - Second Life has a VAST and wide spreading world of everything you can image. Good and Bad. Yep, most certainly bad stuff - just like real life - but you can avoid all of that of course. The places we found that we loved to hang out were at the various ballrooms and dance halls. Oh my goodness - dressing up and hitting them - yeah - we had good times. Then we heard of some scams happening in there and basically - we came out. 

Now, we're no longer together. 

In an attempt to bring me out of my blue - one of our friends who has been in there since my second venture in invited me back. At first, simply put, I was too down - and turned down going in again. But - as time has gone by... hmmm. Well, two days ago, I was thinking about it and before I changed my mind, I went back in. I took up SecondLife again.

Because I'd completely closed  the other account, I had to start from scratch again and hey, that's fine. 

To be honest, my first life while I appreciate all there is to it, is not a party. Well - hey - I'm not a party person anyway - but I do like to step outside my box now and then and what better place to do so than in your very own custom built second life? Right? Yeah so - I thought let's do this thing.

Well let me tell you, am I glad that I did. That friend of mine, has a great
friend of her own, -(SL-hubby)- who has built her an incredible world there. We're all such good friends that now I'm feeling right at home and as usual, my mind is constantly working on what could be done there. After he helped me build an avatar persona so very close to my own - he took pictures of me, and his sl-wife and isn't it great? Do we look good or what? Hey, I feel good - that's me on the left, and she's of course on the right. Yeah - my plan is to have good times ahead - as best I can. 

As for the good time - they've set me up with a place to call my own and they placed me in their Euphoria Culture Center - for artists and other creative persons and well wouldn't you know it, me being a writer and all, I have my own corner in their world of artists. 

The perfect space and - get this - a group! Time to get busy even in there, and I'm ready too! It is GREAT! Yes, sooo - you a reader? Writer? Adventurist? Fellow SL Adventurer? That works, LOL - if you're inclined you'll have to give it a go.

You see while I'm writing - in THIS life - my avatar lady is writing there. We're both listening to excellent music that perfectly sets the mood to get some serious jottings done - like this blog for instance. Here, let me show her to you - so proud of her sitting at her desk writing as I do so at mine.
Look at her go. Well, you can't hahahaha, she's not animated for you, but I can see her though, she's got that feather and getting it done as I do the same. 

We - friends and I have plans - oh yes we do! The group, remember? Yeah - called, Keyes of Amber Swann - ha! I love it.

You know, what is so strange about having a avatar in second life is that one can actually "Feel" a connection. Weird I know, but it's true - for me anyway, and I think for most others who come in and stay in - they find that something that's missing in their 1st life. 

When dancing - you feel the enjoyment of it.
While shopping - you're excited about finding that perfect outfit for whatever occasion.
While socializing with friends... you truly feel the pleasure from being with those friends.

Yeah... Second Life - it's pretty cool.

And my SL lady - is - sharp! Wooo! Yes she is, hahahaha. Hair done to perfection the way I wish mine always looked. Clothes fit that body that I shaped much easier than this one that breaks down on me now and then, LOL. My SL lady is dressed in her finest even though I cannot afford to do the same for myself.

Strange, I feel like I have a silent companion. She's holding a feather quill writing and I'm holding my pentel fine black writer penning my thoughts and listening to my sister, and friend - Toni Harper-Dunlap - yeah - what more could a home-body like me ask for? I cannot explain the feeling of un-lonely (sorry made up word heehee), that this does for me. So, I'm going to keep it and grow it alongside my other pursuits in life in this one the 1st one - see where it takes me.

Know this - Second Life is not about crawling away from the real world - but most certainly about escaping it sometimes. It's about seeking safe, comfortable and pleasant adventures that you may not be able to afford in the real world. No worries about passports or visa's. Plane tickets, gasoline, fighting traffic, or trying to get all those days off at work you might or might not get. 

It doesn't work for everyone, but at this point and time in my life - it most certainly works for me. Since I'm easy to please, unassuming, and simply want peace - I found the second place for it. The first is my place of worship with my Creator - this is a good second. You create the atmosphere that works for you.

What do you need?

A decent computer - the newer the better. You want at least 4 gb ram on it for rezzing memory. A decent internet speed connection. And the patience to get familiar with how to move about. There are loads of places for picking up free things to wear, hair and your skin - the one you'll be in that makes you feel like you or the you you'd rather be.

You up for it? Well come on in and check it out. If you know me at Facebook or Google+ or Rendo or Daz3d - contact me and I'll friend you. Can't give you my handle here because well - I need to stay guarded, what a world right? I'm talking about the REAL one.

So if you're a friend, reader, writer, adventurer - let's hook up for some fun.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally... The story of "Belle"

The new movie, "Belle" showing - May 2, 2014 at a theatre near you - finally!

I must admit to being very excited about this movie. The story is of my style of storytelling. In fact, years and years ago as far back as in the 80's - her story helped inspire my story of Princess Ces'alena. It was the first of my trilogy - Webster Fields. This trilogy can be found at Amazon - Princess Ces'alena. Anyway - while researching Webster Fields I ran into the story of Belle - along with it, the story of Europe's historical secret - Queen Charlotte - yes, she was very mixed and built up from black ancestry. 

In any case - I am going to keep the focus on this beauty who is being played by, Gugu Mbatha Raw. Her eloquence alone explains why she was chosen for this role. For me, I am one of those die-hard believers that there are thousands of amazing, exciting stories to be told surrounding love between and over the color lines. Our history with Hollywood has not been a pretty, fair, or just one. For years the truth surrounding historical events has been altered and white washed - bleached so many times that we're far beyond the insult of it all. Too many times they depicted characters in stories that would have been so much more rich and vibrant had they stuck to the truth and been honest in the telling. How hard can it be to be real, honorable and accurate in these tales? 

What do I mean? Examples...
  1. Cleopatra
  2. Moses's wife -(Ten Commandments)
  3. Noah - (All white - no black folks to be found)
  4. King Solomon & The Queen of Sheba
You see what I mean right?

God's world of beauty comes in many luxurious shades and so many come out of BLACK! Brown, Honey, Caramel and Olive - and yes - too white! But not in EVERYTHING! The hair of our heroines weren't always flaxen glossy, long and silky. Some of them had tight kinky hair to loose tendrils that were many shades. For instance - the face of today that is FINALLY proving just how beautiful and desirable black really is.
Need I say more? Ha!
Our world that is dominated by this entire and complete white thing - is not true in the real world. However, by very extreme and slow degrees - things are beginning to look as if they might possibly be changing - but oh is it ever slooow. 

Point is, I want to see a world that is as colorful on TV and in the movies as it has been in real life. This is why I write what I write and how I write it. This is why I am sooo excited about "Belle"... because the fashion industry and the movies are starting to be honest in that beauty is more than and certainly not always WHITE.

Let's please move a bit faster in the fact that...
  • All the heroes cannot be white!
  • All the leads cannot be white!
  • All the damsels in distress - not white!
  • All the greatest loves of white knights - aren't.... white!
  • All the beauties that face their beast - nope - not - white!
May 2nd 2014 - I will certainly be among those lining up for this amazing and long awaited movie and I sure hope this will not be the last. True, programs on TV are starting to be daring and bold ie; Scandal and such other shows - but still there is more to be done. In the meantime... pass the popcorn and shhh - "Belle" is on!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Oh my Aching...

Yep, the picture says it all! 
It's what is happening to me, after realizing my greatest desire and dream is to write! I was 23 years old when I came to that conclusion, and that was after reading hundreds of novels and gaining from them, what I would and would not do IF I were to ever write. Now, 28 years later and after 19 novels, there's more on my mind than what I will, or will not have in my novels.

Today, my problem is - how do I sit down, as I once did and pour from my mind onto the keyboard what will spray onto the MS WORD computer paper all that I imagine without being distracted by my pain! OUCH!
 There it goes again... the pain... yeesh!
 At 23 years old, (pay attention all of you writers in your 20's) the last thing, concern or worry that was on my mind, was what aches and pain I might suffer down the road, because let's face it, there weren't any! None, oops, not true... I was married to quite the pain in the butt, but that's another story. I mean, the pains I suffer from today, did not exist back then, and oh my goodness, let me tell you, the stories would just pour like a flood from my head and I couldn't type fast enough to get it written. Now, today... at the age of 51 - the stories are still in my head, dying to be poured out, however the pain in my neck -(that has worsened in fact)- distracts me! Frankly speaking, it pisses me off. It's not fair, I still have many stories to tell, and I want to get them told, but it's just not the same.
Currently, I must have pain killers - just to get a decent hour or two of writing done! An hour or two!!! And not all at once in that time frame - I'm talking through the day I am awake and walking to relieve my neck and back. Yeah, that too - the back. What can you possibly accomplish in an hour or two? Yeah, yeah, I know - after seven days, that will add up, true, but it's not what I used to put out. Oh my goodness, there was a time when I could sit for 4 to 5 hours and just none-stop type without looking up. This with three children and the youngest begging for food! LOL, sad, but true - don't worry, his big sister was good at making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or Ramen noodles to hold them off until I finally came to my feet to cook dinner, this before the two legged 'pain' got home from work.
Believe me, all has been done - even by hubby two -(no longer together)- he did all in his power to make it possible and I had a collection of keyboards, ergonomic - oh yes by Microsoft and others, 4 in total. 3 mouses, yep, ergonomic, 3 chairs, back cushions, vibrators, foot rests, neck braces, a custom built in desk for the office he customized for me, to three other desks on wheels, all bought over the years to help me get the writing done. If that weren't enough, menopause stepped up to the plate and also tapped me on the shoulder, *sigh* - thus mood swings, depression, and just plain ol'I don't give a crap anymore! (Sooo not true). And yes, as a right of passage into this age bracket, I have grown my pharmaceuticals for every kind of pain you can imagine, and a few sleeping pills. However, they ALL do the same as the pain, distract me, take my mind from my goal, which is to write.

Now that I'm single once more and still writing, still with pain, - the Key... walk away, literally, I walk! I must be ever so careful of my diet, which means that I had to lose weight, exercise and try with all my might to stay off of the pain killers, they not only take away the pain, but my will to write! Hey, I even tried mary-jane as a pain reliever and to put me in that writing place - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Gave it up completely as well.

So, concentration, focus, so very fleeting - and yes, I'm on some very good vitamins and I'm eating right as well. Having stated the latter, my other key is to accept... just give in and accept that I can no longer write as I use to, because I am no longer that young woman I use to be. Over the years, I caused damage to my body that is now making me pay today.

Young writers pay attention to my words, DO NOT NEGLECT your posture, your writing station or desk, chair, keyboard or mouse. If you do, your body will make you pay just when you've gained enough from life to really write something worth reading! However, your body will laugh at you, give you migraines, neck pain, back pain, blurry strained eyes, swollen ankles and knees and muscle cramps when you try to stand! Do what you need to do NOW - to keep your body fit and ready to write.

As for me, I will not give up, I will fight to the end. It may take me a lot longer to get that chapter completed, but it will get done! I have just begun to write! Those 19 novels that have been written - hey I was just learning, and I still am, but oh have I so much more to say, and I especially like the way I'm learning to say it. In the meantime, anyone out there with a sure fire tip on how to keep the body pliant? I'm open to suggestions! Because I am determined to Write On!

This doctor is my goal! Dr. Jee - Korean with the most amazing and effective acupuncture. He treats for body balance. My daughter paid for 3 treatments and it was amazing! But, do to the building arthritis and chronic pain, I need more sessions. So, I have to build up to pay for that because my insurance doesn't cover it. UGH! Anyway... Body Balance Acupuncture! Definitely worth getting into if there's one near you! Read all about - Body Balance Acupuncture - it's the way to go!